WARNING: proceed with caution. There are only about 55 thousand and a half photos of this dern thing.

Now that we’ve had that talk: hello, good morning! Playhouse deets are here at last!

Okay, most of them. This is the thing. Aaron made it up as he went along. But I managed to wrangle the material info from him and a loose how-to, so if all goes well, this post will be 5-8% percent helpful. Hooray!

It all started on a Thursday evening a couple of months ago when we were sitting out on the back patio, glass of wine in hand, reality of summer at home concrete in the brain, when I pulled up Pinterest on my phone and found a photo of an A-frame playhouse and gently asked, “So hey, could you build something like this this summer for me? I mean the kids? Me?”

Without hesitation, “Yep! I’ll start this weekend.”


So we (he) did.

So, for the deck he used treated lumber. And he said to tell you this, if you go with 8×10, you don’t have to cut anything. Ha! (He didn’t laugh, I did. But his face had a giggle in it when he said it, so I’m laughing in place in that hidden face giggle. Never mind.)

It looks like this.

Also I don’t know what treated lumber means.

You have to dig some holes in the earth where you want to legs to be. This is what he used. And this is what he says about it:

Posts = quickset concrete: instead of mixing and pouring, you can just dump the dry concrete in the 15-inch deep hole, and then use a hose to add the water.

Did you get that? We good? Okay.

And then he basically built a deck! This is what he said about that part:

Floor = premium cedar boards, they’re more expensive, but so pretty and less chance of giving the kids splinters. SISSIES. (<–I added that part.)

Sides of A-frame = just cheap 2x4s. 

He also said this:

You got that? We good? Okay.

So theeeen he built the sides, which creates the A-Frame, right?

This is what he said about that part:

This isosceles triangle calculator came in handy for figuring out angles I needed to cut (30 degrees at the bottom, 60 degrees at the top) – and to make sure the length of the sides/roof would match the 8ft-long polycarbonate

You got that? We good? Okay.

The steps, dude, I have no idea. But it’s basic framework, and then reclaimed wood for the front with various shades, giving it a fun rustic cabin feel. At least in my head it does.

The sides (the MOST ASKED ABOUT) are polycarbonate. Clear, corrugated, sturdy, and I love it so. Remember we just used it as a roof to our pergola? Well, I became so quickly obsessed I had to have it for this playhouse, giving it more of a chic GREENHOUSE feel. And since I’m a British grandma hippie at heart, it only made sense.

That long skinny window in the back? Habitat Restore! I swear that place is a gold mine for thrifted finds for nerds like us.


The back wall is also cheap reclaimed wood from Habitat Restore. I love love love the different shades of wood. Gives it so much visual interest and dimension, right?

And did I mention cheap? We are in a recession, guys.

Soooo this is where I came in. The styling, decorating, jushing.


I should mention before I go any further, we used this clear wood stain all over to protect it from weather. And it seriously works.

You got that? We good? Okay.

I wanted to keep the whole pallet very soft, very natural. Tones of blush, cream, tiny touches of barely-there aqua, a splash of mustard. You know. A bohemian fairy’s dream land.

The pillows – I’ll start with the cream floor cushions, they’re from Amazon. I adore the shape, the look, the color. I WILL say they’ve gone up in price since I ordered. I paid $35 each, so don’t get mad at me when you see the price now. Also, I sprayed them with a water protector! So if they get wet the rain just bubbles up. So glorious.

The white pillows on top with the little balls, also Amazon.

The paisley lumbar pillows next to them, thrifted!

And the mustard pillow is IKEA years ago before pandemic.

The rug is from Rugs USA! I LOVE it because it’s not stiff, but stays in place on the floor. I also sprayed this with the water protector. I’ll try and find the brand I used.

The size? 4×6. Not that you asked. But in your head you asked. I felt it.

I did add a little one panel curtain to create morning diffusion. (dang it went up in price, too!) That sun comes up and baaakes. So this helps add a little softness to the playhouse. Aaron just used little hooks to keep them in place. And I just like how it looks, duh.

Here’s the polycarbonate again, because I know it’s your favorite. (It’s overlapped, by the way. I’m sure you would know that, but just in case not, overlap them!)

We added ferns and hostas to the front to add curb (haha!) appeal, and little potted plants on the sides to sort of anchor but soften the look.

Oh – the macrame planters – also Amazon! (WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC DO NOT COME AT ME.)

Little baskets filled with art supplies, ya know.

Little blanket here or there, ya know.

From here on out it’s basically photos from every single angle. I WANT to apologize, but…

That Little Bo Peep metal rod? We’ve had it for years! Slung a hanging planter up there to add a little more whimsical garden charm.

Also, I can’t even talk about how cute Will’s going to be at 16. I can’t. Just look at those little legs crossed and that little casual glance. I can’t. I cannot.

The little art table is IKEA from years ago, which you already because you have it, too.

That back skinny window, it was simply meant to be. There is nothing better than that back skinny window, I sayeth.

Oh! The string lights – yes you guessed it, Amazon.

The Noah bell is Golden and Pine from a while back!

THE EAGLE, hahahahaha. Oh gosh, we’ve had it for over a decade. Thrifted in a tiny Arkansas town, I’m sure.

The top little COVER – yes yes. So, it’s a thrifted (Habitat) metal cover thingy. I have no idea what the word is, but it covers where the A-frame meets. Aaron doesn’t know the word either. We’re the worst.

I discovered that less is more with this playhouse. I’d wanted to with a zillion pillows and blankets, then realized I love the organic structure so much, that I pulled back and went with a simple desk, a few pillows, a rug, couple of plants, string lights, the end.

ALSO, I will say that for the most part, we bring the cushions up when we’re not in it. It’s honestly not a hassle, either. The kids grab two each when they want to play, and then bring them back end of day. Keeps the whole thing a little cleaner and less buggy. And you know me and bugs. C A N N O T.

But I mean, just look at that. I’m sure we’ll add more plants over time, tweak this little detail or that one. But I just love it much I can hardly handle it.

Here’s onnnnne more photo from this angle because I feel like you just need it.

And oh – the last comment from Aaron, once again:

Time saving tip for lazy people like me:Making the dimensions of the deck 8ft x 10ft meant that instead of cutting every single piece of lumber to size, I could just buy 8ft and 10ft boards, bring them home, and screw them into place. (Did the same thing with our pergola.) Ha! (<–he didn’t laugh. I did. But again, his face had that hidden giggle. Never mind.)

A grainy night view with the lights on, just in case your soul beggeth.

And that’s it! Our Bohemian fairy dream land playhouse. Let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any questions, or if you want to see more photos. Ha, just kidding.

I think.